Pairs of Pants

New plus size pattern company Muna and Broad hit the scene with a bang last year and haven’t stopped releasing well-fitting wardrobe staples in sizes that start where most pattern companies leave off. I’ve been following founders Jess (@fat.bobbin.girl) and Leila (@leila_sews) since they showed up on the fat sewing scene and have been so excited to see the wonderful contributions they’ve made through their personal accounts, through Muna and Broad, and through the new blog Fat Sewing Club, started by Jess.

I’ve wanted to make one of their patterns for a while, but it took me a bit to pair fabric with pattern, and in fact it came down to testing a few of their patterns to dive in! They’ve developed a very generous testing policy that includes a stipend for printing the pattern and purchasing fabric, or sending a A0 pattern and fabric. Given my tight fabric budget, I really appreciate this effort to make sure testers are able to participate affordably. For this post, I tested the Willandra Pants with a fabric/pattern printing stipend, and I received the Sculthorpe Pants pattern from Jess and Leila for free.

Shannon standing inside wearing a pair of dark green tapered trousers and a patterned short sleeve top. She is white, fat, and has buzzed-short hair.
Muna and Broad Willandra Pants (with Colette Patterns Sencha top)

The Willandra Pants are the latest M&B pants release. They feature a mid-high rise, a tapered leg, a partially-elasticated waistband, a curved side seam, and in-seam pockets. I made them out of a gorgeous viscose crepe from Stonemountain and Daughter. I made a straight size 1, and my waist/hip measurements are 41″/55″-ish.

Shannon, in the same outfit as before, seated with one leg outstretched, looking at the camera and smiling.

The fit on these is spot-fucking-on. I knew M&B included a full belly and full butt adjustment in their drafting, and as a plus-size brand are intended to work for full legs. But I was still a little scared! But hot damn, these look awesome. They fit really well standing but I also love that they don’t bind or pull as I move. In this viscose crepe, they feel a little fancy — perfect for future teaching days but perhaps less useful for current pandemic living. I’m excited to get more wear out of them.

With the Willandra Pants made, I knew a little more how the M&B block works on me and was ready to experiment a little. I’d loved the Sculthorpe Pants from when they were released, and I had a length of linen/silk that I knew would be perfect for a drapey pair. I had to dye it first, from a nondescript non-color into a beautiful vibrant blue.

Shannon standing inside wearing bright blue, loose-fitting, tapered pants and a navy blue three-quarter-sleeve top.
Muna and Broad Sculthorpe Pants with a RTW top

The Sculthorpe Pants are drafted as slightly tapered with a fully-elasticated waist and side panel pockets. They pick up where a popular similar style pattern leaves off — which thrills me as I’d wanted to make that other style for ages!

Shannon in the same outfit, seated and smiling at the camera.

As drafted, they fit closely to the hip with a comfortable amount of moving ease but not a ton of drape. I really wanted big, drapey, exaggerated side pockets. So, this time I cut a size 1 at the waist graded to a 2 at the hip then back to a 1 at the hem, to exaggerate the fit at my hips. I really like the look of the flat-front, elastic-back waist of the Willandra pants, so I copied that construction technique here, interfacing the portion of the waistband above the front panels.

I love them! They’re comfortable for lounging and will work for teaching outfits in the future as well. I’m excited to make more, and the only change I will make will probably be to deepen the interior of the pockets even more. Watch this space for more Muna and Broad patterns soon! I’ve tested another upcoming pattern, and I have the Nullarbor Cami on my mind!

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  1. Oh Shanno! Loving both of these! I’m so about supporting Muna & Broad, even though I’m a wee bit smaller than their size charts. But I’m just loving ALL of the patterns they’ve put out so far. That Nullarbor Cami though… bought as soon as I get some extra funds. I must have it. Been stalking all of Leila’s versions all through MMM2020.


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