A Plummy Tacara

The Seamwork Tacara seems a very changeable pattern: I swear it looks completely different on everyone who makes it. No doubt this is, in part, due to what each person actually desires of it; a number of folks have commented that it runs quite large, while that oversized quality seems to be the point to me! I wanted from it an oversized, cocoon-shaped dress that could span across seasons and drape luxuriously over my body.

Shannon standing outside, looking up to one side. She wears an oversized purple dress with three-quarter length sleeves.

To do so, I cut a size 20, which is where my measurements put me, and made a few adjustments:

  • Cut to the length of the size 26 so it would fall to my knees
  • Pegged the side seams front and back in about 1 1/2″ using a curved ruler
  • Narrowed the back neckline by similarly curving it inwards
  • Added to the width of the sleeves as I’d heard they were fairly snug
Shannon standing outside with one hand up by her head. Her dress ripples in the breeze and shows the outline of her belly.

After some deliberation, I did put the side seam pockets in because I do love a place to stick my hands and chapstick. They do give quite a sumptuously folded, vulvar appearance, though, particularly in this color!

Shannon standing looking proudly off to one side with her hands in the pockets of her dress.

I really adore it! It’s made in a glorious purple rayon jersey from Joann’s that I bought on a whim because of its lovely hand. It’s starting to warm up here so it’ll be put aside for autumn soon enough, but I’ll look forward to bringing it back out.

Shannon sitting down on a patio chair, looking to one side, with her ankles crossed. The dress drapes over her knees and laps.

PS I’m going to try to take some seated photos of my makes more often. Some folks who use wheelchairs have commented that such images are useful, and I also am interested in see my body from different angles. I hope these help get a sense of the way garments drape when sitting!

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