Linen on the Riviera

Okay, admittedly, I wore this in a tiny lakeside town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, not on the Italian Riviera, but I had a sort of Talented Mr Ripley vibe in mind when I made it. Paired with a delightfully nautical sweater, I think I pull off that “oh, I’m just off the sailboat and away to drink wine” vibe.


I picked up the ikat linen on a whim at Joann’s this summer and had in mind at first a Sew Sew Def Jessica Dress, before remembering the Seamwork Patsy, which I’d been wanting to make. The Patsy pairs well with this fabric because I knew I wanted to play with the directional print, and the multiple sections allow that to work well.


I cut a size 16 waistband, then added 5/8″ to each side seam of the skirt pieces to give just a little extra volume around the hips. The skirt pieces are gathered onto the waistband, so that didn’t change the construction at all.

Working on this skirt did make me think about the dysmorphia fat folks often experience, where, after perhaps a lifetime of having things resolutely not fit, having size charts not allow enough ease, we automatically make things too big in order to avoid the disappointment of a new make that doesn’t fit. When I stitched this up, I tested the waistband and worried that it would be too tight if I made it with the given seam allowances, so I stitched them narrower in the final version. Of course, I shouldn’t have worried, because the skirt is now a bit too big to fit on my waist where I wanted it.

IMG_20180902_202953832 (2)

It’s nicely finished on the inside so I haven’t bothered to change it, but if I make another I will. I’ll also add much larger pockets; I made these bigger than the pattern pieces but I feel like this skirt demands truly enormous patch pockets for some reason. Luckily, these ones are still plenty big enough to toss my phone, keys, and a small wallet so I can get on with my glamorous life!

2 thoughts on “Linen on the Riviera

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  1. Shannon, this outfit is so cute. Every time I see a Patsy made up, it renews my interest in making one. And yours is no exception. I NEED to find some directional fabric and just make one already!

    And I definitely agree with you about the dysmorphia, as I too sometimes change the seam allowance or add extra allowance especially for woven garments when it looks like the boobs won’t fit.


    1. The Patsy is so cute! I definitely eyed it on everyone else before making it, too. I’ll certainly be making another! (And I hope you make one too!) And that dysmorphia can be so tough to deal with! Especially when whatever we’re making is hard to try on until it’s done, which is true of the way this skirt is finished. Hmm.


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