Chartreuse Charmeuse

This shocking green bolt of silk had caught my eye over and over at SR Harris, the local discount overstock fabric store, but it wasn’t until they had a massive silk sale that I finally picked it up (four yards for $24!). It’s a lovely heavy charmeuse, slinky but not at all sheer, and the color unlike anything else I had in my wardrobe.

Shannon, wearing a chartreuse green sleeveless dress, standing in front of a mural of a ghost ship in blues and purples.

After much deliberation, I decided it was destined to become a Cashmerette Webster Dress, which has lovely, simple lines and an excellent fit. I’ve made it once before and find myself tossing it on throughout the summer, so clearly I needed another. This time I sized down one cup size to the 18 E/F because in the G/H there was more room under the arms than I needed. If I make it again, I’ll likely lower the bust darts a smidge.

An image of Shannon in front of the same mural, hands behind their back, looking pensively to one side

For this version, I took advantage of the tiered design to play with the matte/shiny textures of charmeuse, using the matte side for the top and the shiny for the band. It’s a pretty simple construction, but I definitely made things harder on myself. Not only did I decide to do French seams in order to avoid the fraying to which silk is so prone, in my excitement to work on it before getting the right interfacing, I assembled in the wrong order! This meant I had to use a different method for applying the facing and in the process forgo the back straps. All is well, though; it came together and the shoulders stay in place well enough!

Shannon with legs crossed and one hand on her hip, looking a bit cheekily upwards and to one side. In this picture you can see more clearly her long electric blue tassel earrings.

This dress brings me so much joy, y’all. Not only is it such an easy and comfortable silhouette, the color is so bright and so unlike anything else I own. It’s a perhaps more low-key make than many of my others, yet still maintains the sense of drama and decadence I find so rewarding in sewing.

Shannon doing the patented blogger walk pose, pretending to walk in front of the mural, looking down.

9 thoughts on “Chartreuse Charmeuse

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    1. I was hoping for an interesting mural for the backdrop for this dress, but I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted this one! It’s the best combo of colors. Thank you!


  1. Super excited to work with silk and hoping for the luck of a sale in the near future! I LOVE what you did with the matte/shiny contrast. I legit thought it was two different fabrics. It looks beautiful.


  2. Nice! I hacked the pattern so it was all one piece but your lovely dress has me rethinking that. Also, fwiw, I too have forgotten to add the straps. In any event, lovely and very flattering against an epic background!


    1. I made it all in one for my last one, too. I like that better for printed fabrics. But since I couldn’t decide if I wanted the matte or shiny side out, I was happy to choose an option that allowed both! Thank you!


  3. I heard a ~rumor~ that when millennial pink is finally deposed, chartreuse is a contender to take the throne…it will remember your loyal service ; )


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