To the Lighthouse

Today’s make was actually a somewhat last-minute brainstorm, stitched up in the days right before Morgan and I met up in the UP at a beautiful lighthouse for the weekend. I’m ever so glad I did, because this dress both fit in perfectly with the nautical theme of the trip and is the easiest little dress to wear — I want to make a dozen more!

2018-08-17 034

I was inspired by the currently-very-popular Doe & Deer Myosotis Dress, which is wonderfully adorable. However, even in their extended size range, D&D don’t go up to my measurements. I could get it and do my usual pair of FBAs, bust and bicep (and might at some point in the future, if I want one with the original neckline detail), but I didn’t have enough time this time around.


Instead, I pulled out my Cashmerette Montrose again! Similar to my floral mesh dress, I used the upper part of the bodice, cutting it just below the waist and straightening the sides a bit. I added small darts at the back waist to give a bit more shaping — if you do this, make sure it will fit over your chest as the waist is a fixed width.

2018-08-17 003

I used the same technique of adding a button band as I did for Morgan’s moon shirt, cutting the band on the bias. The buttonholes and buttons are stitched with red thread, adding a little pop. If you wanted this look, you could easily do a false button band just stitched down the center of the bodice, since you don’t really need to unbutton it to get it on or off.

2018-08-17 008

The sleeves I shortened a bit and added a bias-cut ruffle. I was running out of fabric, so the ruffle is a bit narrow — I’ll make it bigger and more dramatic next time! The skirt is three full widths, selvage to selvage, with in seam pockets on either side of the front panel.

2018-08-17 026

The fabric, picked up on a whim from Joann’s, has a bit of a crinkled texture that works so well for this loose silhouette. It’s lovely for hot summer days! I think it would also be splendid in linen or even a mid-weight wool for winter. Hmmm, better check my stash!


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    1. That’s so true! Especially when it comes to hacking things that don’t come in a fuller size range, where you’re maybe both grading up and doing fit adjustments. Also, after a comment on Instagram, I’m now pondering doing a Montrose/Lenox bodice mashup to make another version of this dress with a neckline even closer to the Myosotis! Hmm….


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