A mossy Finlayson

Morgan standing in front of a stone wall, wearing a sage green shawl-collar sweatshirt and smiling at the camera.

I made this sweater for Morgan way back in the spring, but didn’t manage to get photos of them in it until now, given the summer weather! I used the Thread Theory Finlayson sweater, which comes with a polished shawl collar version that offers a nice, cozy alternative to a standard crew neck.

A close-up of the collar of the sweatshirt, showing the way it folds over in the front and the floral yoke backing on the inside. It has Shannon's signature "rare device" tag as well as a Thread Theory tag stitched in.

As I usually do for Morgan, I graded between sizes S-L from the shoulders to the hips so it will fit through their torso. The sleeves are a touch long, but they like the way the cuffs tuck over their hands.

Morgan looking at the camera with their head tilted sideways and a soft smile. The sweatshirt sleeves reach past their wrists and here you can see more clearly the openings for the internal kangaroo pocket.

My favorite addition to this sweater is the welt kangaroo pocket I added in front! I followed instructions for making welt pockets from my Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing (a must-have sewing book!), but angled them and the inner pieces. Since I was winging it and adjusting along the way, I didn’t take any photos, but if I make another I’ll do a tutorial!

A close-up of one of the welt pocket openings.

The insides are made as two separate pockets, which I then stitched together around the center (the “bottom” of each pocket) and on the long edges to make a kangaroo pocket. Because of the way welt pockets are constructed, you can’t do a single long pocket with two openings with continuous pieces of fabric. I also picked a fun floral to add a hint of flair to the insides.

The welt pocket opening, opened slightly to show the floral lining.

I used a bamboo brushed sweatshirt fleece from Imagine Gnats, which is soft and cozy. I’d love to make more, for Morgan and for me! Perhaps I’ll seek out some cozy French terry? Maybe some stripes?

An image of Morgan wearing their sweatshirt. Their body is angled slightly way from the camera, but they look at the camera with a big smile.

6 thoughts on “A mossy Finlayson

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  1. Love it! Plus, they look so happy! Might have to try one for myself. Fellow art historian / artist / sewist here. Been following your blog for a while but inspired to log in. Also like the Montrose adapted dress; cutting out a Felix dress this morning and wondering if you’ve tried that one as I think we are similar shapes.


    1. Thank you so much! And hello! I’ve been eyeing the Felix dress, too. I’m still a good few inches larger than their biggest size, though, so I’ve kind of avoided buying Grainline patterns. I might end up breaking down and going for it (or the Farrow dress, which I also love) at some point. I hope yours works out!


      1. The Farrow’s pockets are terrific, and the sizing for that (on the 18) and the Hadley shirt works for me thru the shoulders and then is just less loose than the design intends when made up. I find her patterns to be very well drafted, and generous enough that I have yet to do an FBA (including on the Felix). Plus, thoughtful sew-alongs.

        The one Farrow dress I’ve made is in a heavy black linen, and aside from making me look like a pilgrim (which I’m sure my biker boots don’t help!), it wears like secret pajamas. This is reminding me that I should make another one….


        1. I LOVE the idea of a pilgrim-y black Farrow 😀 It’s actually the sleeves that worry me more on it — I feel like they often look quite snug, and I detest doing full bicep adjustments even though I almost always have to. Just one of those things I really dread and try to avoid. How did the sleeves work out for you?


          1. The sleeves were fine, but it’s not an area I typically have to make adjustments in. So not sure how big a deal it would be; I know the sleeves on the Archer were generous and I trimmed them down. Still, those pockets…. 😍


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