Linen life

Like lots of sewists, I’m really good at coming up with last-minute sewing projects that I must make before vacation. Last month, before heading to Michigan for a beach and Janelle Monae trip, I decided I absolutely needed a dress to wear over my copper Sophie swimsuit. I had recently bought a set of pale pink linen/cotton sheets, and because I don’t use the flat sheet (duvets and duvet covers are the life!), I had a big chunk of yardage to use for other things.

I decided to go with another Seamwork Kimmy dress, because my first one was so drapey and soft. The pattern makes such a nice throw-on-and-go dress that has a beachy, summery vibe. I realized while making it that my fabrics basically duplicated the ones used by Seamwork to stitch up their samples!

Shannon, standing outside, wearing a pale pink dress that hits above the knee and has a sleeveless crossover bodice. She also wears pink and tan clogs and a straw boater hat. She stands with one knee bent, a hand in one pocket, and looks down to the ground with a slight smile.

This time, I followed the instructions more closely for construction, as I wasn’t attempting a reversible version. The insides are finished with a serger at the seams and bias tape at the neckline and arms.

My favorite detail are the small ropes I used for the shoulder gathers, which give it a softly nautical vibe. It made for an excellent beach cover-up!

A half-length portrait of Shannon wearing her pink linen dress and boater hat, looking down and off to one side with a smile.

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