Floral Soft Bro Shirt

A couple of summers ago, my mom sent me two long, generous lengths of vintage dotted Swiss floral cotton, a lovely fabric that’s breezy enough for the summer with a bit of nice texture to it. One of them I’ve set aside for a 50s-inspired sundress, but the other had this slightly brighter, less delicate floral pattern that seemed to call out for something with a little more edge.

2018-05-19 033

I’ve been enjoying making and wearing iterations of my Simplicity 8427 modified pattern, and I reached for it once more for this one. This time, however, I decided to play with the summertime, throw-it-on casualness of the fabric and make it a popover. This was very easy to do: instead of cutting two front pieces, I cut one on the fold, placing the marked centerline of my pattern on the fold, then used the popover placket pattern piece from the Kalle shirt. The rest of the pieces stayed the same.

2018-05-19 025

I anticipate that I’ll wear the sleeves rolled up like this most of the time, but I made them full length so I can roll them down for some extra warmth on cool summer nights. As you can see here, it’s already getting some good wear — I decided to photograph it after a couple of wears without pressing out of both sheer laziness and a desire to see it in its rumpled state. Wearing it like this, casually worn-in and paired with loose, frayed denim shorts, emphasizes its androgynous qualities, the casual, queer masculinity to it.

2018-05-19 038

In the summertime, I tend to dress even more femme than I do in the cooler months, not least because throwing on a sundress keeps me a lot cooler on the hottest days than a button-front shirt. But I’ve also been experimenting with ways of embodying a sort of casual, soft, very queer broishness that I love and adore in many of my queer friends. I think it’s showing up here, and will continue to show up in my soft butch bikini and cut-out muscle tees.

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