Cashmerette Harrison

I was thrilled when Cashmerette came out with the Harrison pattern, a plus-sized button-front shirt fitted to curves, with multiple cup size options. I almost immediately bought one of their kits, in a beautiful navy stretch cotton sateen, to make the semi-formal shirt of my dreams.


I went with a size 18 G/H with no size adjustments other than the sleeves, which I added both width and length to. The body fits really well for a first try, and the adjustments I plan to make for shirt number two will just perfect the fit!

The pattern instructions were really straightforward, and any difficulties I encountered have more to do with my own impatience than the pattern itself. I need to remind myself to slow down and make sure to press, baste, and topstitch with care!

2017-05-21 067

Cashmerette includes a swayback adjustment in the drafting of the pattern, but I think I’ll take a little more out at my lower back and taper the waist in a little more on the back pieces. This especially will help with fabric bunching when tucked in. I also plan to bring the shoulder seams forward a little to help with the collar tipping back when worn. The sleeves still aren’t quite right, but I’m not sure what adjustments to make — if you have thoughts I’m happy to hear them!


I altered the standard cuffs to French cuffs, to make use of these amazing Izola Fine & Dandy cufflinks. Because I’d only done sleeve plackets once before, I wasn’t sure how to alter them to account for the way French cuffs overlap, and it ended up with a bit of a gape. I’ll work on that next time, too! I have a lovely dark grey cotton begging to be a shirt, and after that I think a good floral will be on the docket!

5 thoughts on “Cashmerette Harrison

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  1. This looks so great on you! I love the colour.

    I wonder if bringing the shoulder forward might help with the sleeves? It looks like maybe if you moved the centrepoint of the sleeve more towards the front it might be more balanced? I am FAR from being an expert on sleeves, however. They are my white whale! Not… sleeves themselves. But proper sleeves that don’t have any fit issues!


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