A bunny-themed bodysuit

Fittingly, I worked on this bodysuit over Easter weekend! The fabric was repurposed from a set of thermal long johns from the Erin Fetherstone collection for Target a decade ago (!). They’ve long since not fit, but the print was too cute not to re-use. 2017-04-21 018

I made a number of modifications to the Seamwork Ariane bodysuit pattern. Because the thermal fabric doesn’t have quite the amount of stretch called for, especially lengthwise, and because I have a long torso, I cut a size bigger than I usually wear (2XL) and added 2″ in length, redrawing the hip curve to accommodate. I also expanded the fullness of the cups, adding a wedge about an inch wide at the seam, and could certainly add a little more. Because I was working in chunks of repurposed fabric, too, I cut new seamlines in the front and back so that I could cut narrower panels. I like to look of the style lines, though, so I might end up doing the same in the next one I cut!

In order to make full use of the fabric, I also repurposed the ribbed cuffs and waistband of the long john bottoms. The cuffs made a good contrasting top cup and the waistband, cut in half lengthwise, turned into bands around the legs.

2017-04-21 031

The pattern calls for finishing the edges and constructing the straps in fold-over elastic. This definitely would make the finishing much easier than my method! However, thin fold-over elastic straps don’t really give me the support up top that I like; plus, I was trying to make this whole thing using just my stash! So I scrounged up this wide, soft waistband elastic in bright pink that I had purchased then not used for another project. Though it wrinkles a little at the armpits, I really like the sporty look it gives, and it makes it supportive and comfy.

Fit-wise, my modifications were on the right track. The length is good, especially in the front, and the width generous enough to allow good movement. You can see it gapes a little between my shoulder blades, so I’ll bring that in a little on the next one. The bottom doesn’t give as much coverage as I like, especially in the original pattern (without the bit of extra width offered by the leg band): the crotch is narrow, the front leg cut in a little more than I like above the hip crease, and the back a bit cheeky. I have a big booty, so I like good coverage for comfort and wedgie-avoidance; in the next one, I’m going to re-draw the crotch entirely and give a little extra in the butt. I did add snaps but with the thickness of the layers of fabric they look a little messy; I don’t mind stepping in so I might not do so on future ones.

Overall, I’m thrilled with this as a loungewear piece, and look forward to wearing it with a big, casual cardigan in the in-between seasons.

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