Two Seamwork Elmiras

I was thrilled when Seamwork came out with the Elmira wrap cardigan, as the clumsy dancing of my childhood has left me with a fondness for anything and everything ballet-aesthetic-themed. Plus the cropped length is perfect for the high-waisted skirts and dresses I prefer! I’ve made two now, both out of very drapey jerseys, and would love to see what it looks like in a slightly heftier fabric, too.

First up, this mustard-colored one in a mystery jersey from the remnants bin at SR Harris:


It has proven wonderfully versatile for my wardrobe! As you can see, there’s some pooling around my waist – I cut a straight size XL, which is usually a good start in Seamwork patterns for me, but I think (and this is borne up by attempt #2, as well) I could probably go down nearly a full size. The only alterations here were to add width to the sleeve and to cut the back double-layered like the front is, rather than single-layered with a twin-needle hem and neckline. I like the consistent weight all the way through (and I also still haven’t attempted a twin needle on my vintage machine, so I was maybe a little scared).

Version #2 is out of a wool jersey, also from SR Harris. It’s very light and scrunchy, and has maybe a bit too much stretch for this? I feel like I need to handle it kind of delicately, and it stretches very easily. If I make another Elmira in a jersey this soft, I will definitely size down, perhaps with just a slight FBA to keep the current boob space.

2017-04-13 016 (2)

This was after removing about 1″ total around the waist, but if you look closely you can see that the seam connecting to front bodice to the tie is actually in the loop of the bow, indicating how much it stretched!

I extended the sleeves to full length in this one, and again doubled the back bodice piece. This time, too, I stitched the shoulder seams on the inside of the doubled-over sections, leaving a nice clean finish. Both were sewn entirely on my serger, which means they were whipped up pretty quickly!

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  1. Hi! I’m thinking about making this for our upcoming winter, but wondered if you’d done one with an FBA, and if it was necessary? I’m trying to do this the laziest way I can! 🙂


    1. Hi Rebecca! I’m so sorry; this got lost in my “to be approved” messages for a while there, whoops. I have not done an FBA on this pattern, and I don’t think it’s necessary, though you might end up adjusting other things. Seamwork is drafted for wider shoulders than I have, so what could be fixed by going down a size and doing an FBA I sometimes instead fix the lazy way by just taking a chunk out of the center back. I didn’t on the Elmira’s I’ve already made, but I might if I do another in the future. I hope this helps!


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